In addition to my studies and my work-study program, I offer my services for the creation of websites. A website can be a very good business card in the workplace. It can help you stand out from your competitors but also get a better visibility on the Internet! This work will include:


Site configuration

Hosting and domain name


Its design

A visual identity corresponding to the client

Insertion of photos and texts provided by the customer

A responsive site (adapted to smartphones and tablets)


Referencing of your site

pack SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Free client service available for your calls and emails 7 days a week


Are you a self-employed entrepreneur, business owner or even a private individual, and are you looking to bring more potential customers to your work? Are you looking for a springboard for your marketing project and to be in the spotlight?


A website would allow you to get good publicity and to eliminate potential competitors to your project. Nowadays almost all the search for services is done through the Internet to stand out and stand out from the crowd and give them all the information they need on their website.

Website statistics


  • < 2 minutes: This is the average time we spend on a website.
  • 32% of entrepreneurs do not create a website because they think it is not useful for their business.
  • 30% of entrepreneurs do not create a website because of the price.
  • 53% of internet usage is on mobile phones, that’s why developers are nowadays more aware of responsive design.
  • 1 second more loading time leads to 7% less conversion. You should therefore not create pages that are too large to limit its loading.
  • 88% of consumers looking for a business on mobile phones call or go to the store within 24 hours.

Completed Sites


Happy client


During my experience, I was able to create websites for different projects. Here are some of them: