Career in IT

My professional career starts in January 2019, when I was looking for a 6-month internship for my third year.

Like any first internship, I wanted to deepen my web development skills but also to learn more.

From my first year of computer science, I knew that I wanted to specialize more specifically in Front-end Developer.




Owlie is a start-up where I spent 6 months as a Web Developer. This company offers clients to develop their digital projects as mobile applications.

It was a perfect fit for my internship search, but I was also going to learn new things.


Tools learned during this course


I took in hand this framework first by carrying out in-house projects that Owlie wanted to develop.

Then I created the views of a mobile application for one of their client (Jaguar – LandRover).



WordPress is a CMS for creating websites that is rather easy to use.

During this internship I was able to create 3 websites with WordPress.



Firebase allows to host and in real time databases, the authentication of users present on a project.

I took Firebase in hand thanks to an internal project by creating its back-office.



These 6 months have allowed me to develop my skills in front end, but not only.

Indeed, doing an internship in a start-up company also allowed me to learn how a company works, and I learned how to meet the expectations of their customers.