Web Developer

Loïc Roger

My name is Loïc Roger, I’m 26 and I was born on July 20, 1997 in Arès (33).

Living in Metz, I moved to Nancy to join the Epitech school. It was a great opportunity for me to join this team and finally be able to blossom totally in one field.

Now that I’ve graduated, I’m currently a Software Engineer with Sogeti Luxembourg, based in Bertrange.

In my spare time, I also offer my services to create websites.


My Courses


Computer Expertise

Currently in 4th year specializing in software development


Université de Lorraine

Bachelor’s Degree in Life Science

Obtaining a degree in biochemistry Parcours MCO (Molecules Cells Organisms) specialized in medical.


Lycée Georges de la Tour

Scientific Baccalaureate

Obtaining the Baccalauréat S Specialized in Life and Earth Sciences

My experience

Arrived in 2018 at the school of computer expertise

I specialized in front-end web development, then I wanted to continue acquiring knowledge by doing an internship where my role was to be a Web Developer.

Arriving in a Start-up (Owlie), I had the opportunity to work in various areas of Web development, I also worked on views of a mobile application but also made websites in VueJS and WordPress.

Then today, I’m doing my alternation at Dataraxys where I can deepen my knowledge in web development with Vuejs on the frontend side and Java on the backend side.




Realization of IT projects (VueJS & Java) in connection with various ministries in Luxembourg (Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Families, etc.).

2021 – Now (2 years)


Software Developer

Realization of IT projects for transport networks (Ticketing, real time, websites…) in Java and Vuejs

2019 – 2021 (2 years)



Web and mobile developer

Realization of projects for clients. Creation of websites as well as mobile applications (WordPress and Vuejs)

2019 (6 months)

Work Tools


“Extremely efficient and pragmatic.

I had the pleasure to work with Loïc on multiple projects within the studio (VueJS, Firebase, WordPress…) and his enthusiasm and perseverance make him a very good asset.

Human qualities are also there, Loïc has integrated very well into the team.”

Jordan Matejicek - CTO & Owlie Co-Founder

“Loïc knew, without any computer technical background, how to play the game and progressed enormously during his time at EPITECH. His enthusiasm and perseverance make him a very good element who will be able to take any situation on the right side and with the necessary hindsight to get the best out of it.”

Lucas Brignon - Pedagogical Accompanist Epitech